so , u r a programmer that fear/hate technology.

back in the days of table\th\tr\td programing

3 months into the corona , i get a phone call during the daily walk with my saluki dog, -” hey its the cio ” – ahhhhhh its the end i figured, “we need to reduce costs where we can ” , as i suspected . i knew the day will come eventually , just hoped it would not be today (tomorrow is always better in my scenarios).

I’ve been programing in big old \ not tech savy company’s for almost 14 years , and I’ve been fearful/hateful of tech this all time.

most of my team/co workers were like this , the ones that not usually have found better jobs (pay and work) , and the really bad ones get fired . but more and more of the fearful guys have started to vanished.

no one wants a programmer who only knows how to function in his small safe n secure environment & language – a nice phrase that one of the tech savvy guys who worked with me (Mr a) n left told me .

he’s right . we are obsolete in a area that is bursting from innovation and new tech that emerge every minute .

so its time to move on .

i will elaborate in this blog on the working progress of becoming a confident programmer . its involve overcoming fears and believes on your self , and not just learning happily new technologies .

Mr a said its a long way down into the rabbit hole , i agree , its huge mass of joined tech ready to crash and burn , and you have to control it .

god save us all .

by the way Mr a has become my mentor , rabbi and Mr miaggi (as i call him ) . so there will be more reference on him ahead. this journey wouldn’t start and keep on the go with out him , so hip hip … Mr a .